Curriculum Vitae


Paolo Fragomeni, Software Engineer


I left MIT in 2010 to co-found my first startup. Since then I have founded multiple companies and raised multiple rounds of funding. In addition to being an engineer, founder, and advisor, I am researching distributed systems and networks.


Computer Science Research. Software Engineering: programming design, engineering, concurrent and distributed programming. Focus: Rust, C++, and functional programming and researching the ECMAScript-262 specification.


Technologist — Passport Capital

Oct 2018 - Jan 2020

Passport Capital is a San Francisco based hedge fund. My role was to provide venture diligence.

CTO, Cofounder — Voltra Co.

Jan 2016 - Aug 2018

Voltra Co. was a decentralized music store and player with a focus on music ownership. Electron, JavaScript, Node.js, C++, CSS3, HTML5, Stylus, Webpack, React, React-Native, and Amazon Web Services. Voltra joined Passport Captail in October 2018.

Organizer — Data Tera Nemo

Feb 2015 - May 2019

A 2 day computer science conference with a focus on distributed systems. In 2015 and '19 this conference brought together the engineers who created WebTorrent, Dat (Now HyperProtocol), libp2p (before and after Protocol Labs was founded), Scuttlebutt, Beaker, and many contributors to the most significant projects in the space.

VP of Engineering — Now Secure

Nov 2014 - Jan 2016

Built engineering and security research teams. Coordinated engineering and research teams. Set technical goals, worked hands on on lots of projects. C, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5.

Engineer, CTO — Mic

Jan 2014 - Nov 2014

Here Is How joined where I served as CTO. Built an engineering team and integrated components of Here Is How into existing products. Amazon Web Services, Node.js JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.

Engineer, CTO, Cofounder — Here Is How

Nov 2012 - Jan 2014

A CMS for technical writing, a web based interface similar to capable of safely executing arbitary code for any platform. Docker, JavaScript, Node.js, Websockets, C, C++, HTML5, CSS3.

Engineer, CTO, Cofounder — Nodejitsu

Sep 2010 - Dec 2012

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer. Lots of R&D. Conceptualized and implemented products that simplify and manage application deployments for the node.js platform.